grain free tahini brownies by ambitious kitchen

grain free tahini brownies by ambitious kitchen

these paleo, grain free, dairy free, refined sugar free brownies made with tahini are a big hit at home especially with our little boys

I am a big brownie fan. Who isn’t! I was on a quest to create refined sugar and gluten free brownies whilst retaining the texture and flavour of the grain based version. My favourite gluten free brownies are chocolate brownies by eat drink paleo whose delicious flavour and gooey texture comes from sweet potatoes and cocoa. I stumbled across this recipe searching for ways to use the half a jar of tahini left in my fridge from making some almond pulp hummus. As always the trusted Thermomix was called upon to make these tahini brownies and our two little boys were entrusted with the taste testing.

I will admit that I wasn’t the biggest tahini fan. While I don’t mind it in hummus I am not the type of person to use it in salad dressings or eat it straight from the jar. I was a little worried that the tahini flavour would be too overpowering but far from it. They are the perfect combination of chocolate with the slight tang of tahini.

For the ingredient list and non Thermomix recipe click here.

Thermomix directions

  1. Add 190g tahini, 80g coconut sugar, 80g maple syrup, vanilla extract and eggs to TM bowl and mix for 10 seconds, speed 6.
  2. Add 35g cacoa or cocoa powder, coconut flour, baking soda, salt to TM bowl and mix for 5 seconds, speed 6.
  3. Stir through chocolate chips, pour into baking dish (warning: it is extra sticky) and bake as instructed.
  4. Enjoy your tahini brownies!

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